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Hydraulic Hammer

hardox 400/450 in the housing of the hydraulic hammer exposed to wear from rocks.

Asphalt Plant

hardox 450/500/550 as liner plates and gravel chutes. ARS 450/500 in the wings of the drum.

Excavator Bucket

hardox 450/500/550 in the excavator bucket. ARS may be used in the entire bucket

Tipper Body

hardox 450/500/550 in the body of the tippers and dumpers. ARS is an out-standing wear lighter in these applications.


hardox 450/500/550 in the entire bucket or cutting edge and sides depending on the wear situation .


hardox 450/500/550 in the blade of the bulldozer.


In the chute that leads in to crusher hardox 500/550/600 is the obvious choice in the tough environment.

Motor Grader

hardox 450/500/550 in the blades of the motor grader.


hardox 500/550 used as liner plates in the interior in areas with high wear.

Asphalt Paver

hardox 450/500/550 In the screed plates.


Shovel bucket structures can be built with hardox 400/450.


hardox 400/450/500 grades are ideal for premium blade structures.

Dump Truck

hardox lets you design low-weight bodies with the wear resistant qualities of much heavier structures.

Dump Pocket

At the discharge site, use hardox 400/450/500 to line dump pockets.


hardox 450/500/550 in the entire bucket or cutting edge & slides depending on the wear situation.


All ARS grades can be used in crusher depending on the crusher type & nature of the wear exposure.


Use hardox 400/450/500/ in the body of the tippers.


Use hardox 400/450/500/ in the body of the tippers.

Front Loader

hardox 400/450 are used both as structural and wear plate for the LHD bucket.

Dump Truck

hardox enable the design of low weight bodies.

Buffer BIN

hardox 500/550 are used to line walls of buffer bins.

Rail Road Car

Used in car bottoms and side walls , hardox 450 allows rail road cars to withstand wear & denting.

Discharge Site

hardox 400 to 600 are ideal liner plates at the discharge site.

Hopper & Feeder

hardox 450/500/550 are the wear plate of choice for the hoppers and feeder table of the primary crusher.


All hardox grades may be used in different types of crushers depending on the wear exposure.

Measuring BIN & SKIP

hardox 500/550 are used in the lining of measuring bins & skips.

Liner Plates

hardox 500,550 or 600. ARS can be used to line the walls of the sorting pockets.


hardox 450 or 500 hardox can significantly increase the life of the grapples other gripping equipment.


hardox 500,550 or 600 can also be used in shedders.

Granulator Knives

hardox 600 or Extreme Granulator knives are used for the fragmentation.

Prismatic Knives

hardox Extreme or 600. For the fragmentation of waste, especially plastics , tires , cables & rubber waste.

Hammer Mills

hardox 500,550 or 600. Hammers are used for the fragmentation of waste & minerals.

Hammer Mills

hardox 500 or 450.

Conveyor Belt

hardox 450 or 500. ARS plates can be used to line conveyor belts and be used in moving chains.


hardox 400 or 450 for use in the sides & floors of containers.

Garbage Truck

hardox 400 with the increased hardness of hardox, lighter trucks with higher payloads can be produced.