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Strenx — The high-quality, superior steel In the steady fight for higher-performing steel items, solid and thin win. You require more grounded steel in more slender measurements to make items more grounded yet lighter and more feasible. That is the reason we created Strenx™, our broad arrangement of high-quality, superior auxiliary steels.

Strenx has one of the world's most broad item programs, both as far as measurements accessible, and with yield qualities extending from 600 to 1300 MPa. Strenx can deliver extraordinary outcomes in the hands of driven fashioners who can slice 20 to 30 percent or significantly more weight off steel structures. Strenx helps your items — and your business — achieve new levels of execution.

Your quality certification

Fortify your business with items produced using bona fide high-quality steel with measured, ensured properties. At SSAB, we work tenaciously to enhance creation forms. Thus, we can ensure both nearer resistances and enhanced workshop properties, and help our clients grow new and better items. Truth be told, SSAB was first on the planet to present an accuracy ensure on the thickness of our high-quality steel plates – Strenx™ ensures.

The advantages of accuracy in steel gage thickness SSAB's Strenx ensures incorporate tight thickness resiliences, tight levelness resistances and bowing certifications. The tight thickness resistances empower you to know the weight all the more absolutely. Thus, you can decrease your security edges. Exact thickness inside a plate and between plates makes for sheltered and unsurprising execution in the workshop.

Laser cutting and robotized welding advantage from the thin resistances for streamlined cutting pace. When twisting, you can utilize a similar compel and recover a similar spring from plate to plate. You can locate the pertinent resilience class for every steel review beneath.

Thickness guarantee SSAB guarantees a maximum thickness variation within one plate and strip as specified in the tables below. Thickness guarantess - Hot Rolled Plate The thickness tolerances according to SSAB ́s thickness guarantee are closer than those specified in EN 10 029 except for ≥ 80 mm, for which the tolerance range is according to standard.

Bending guarantee SSAB has four bending guarantee classes for plate according to the chart below. Information on which class applies to each grade is provided in the respective data sheet. All classes conform to or are closer than the requirements in EN 10 025-6. The bending guarantees also conform to EN ISO 7438. Strenx MC steels have a guaranteed minimum bending radius, valid for both longitudinal and transversal directions, that is closer than standard EN 10 149. Check the data sheet for guaranteed values. Strenx CR steels have a guaranteed minimum bending radius, valid for both longitudinal and transversal directions. Check the data sheet for guaranteed values.

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